3 powerful search apps for your Shopify store

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3 powerful search apps for your Shopify store

This blog is about different apps that you can offer to your customers for Shopify search. Although Shopify itself has a standard search, it has limited functionality. Therefore, you can extend the search with the apps described below.

We'll show you the features of DooFinder, Searchanise and Boost AI Search. You'll learn how the apps can help you increase customer satisfaction and revenue.


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DooFinder provides your users with relevant results for product search in your online store very quickly. The app works with an intelligent algorithm that can be customized in great detail. It learns from the search and click behavior of your users. This way, you can perfectly optimize the search results and adjust them to your target group.

There is a free trial version that allows you to try out all the features first. You can also perform mobile optimization, access various ranking features and set custom business rules.

Other functions of the app

Promote your products already in the search results and use the store search as a sales tool. The Mobile Overlay provides excellent user experience. It is effective, fast and completely responsive. As a result, your customers get relevant results.

You can also present promotions and banners. They can be combined with your campaigns and keywords. Real-time statistics allow you to analyze search queries, which in the long run will help you increase your conversion rate based on clear KPIs.

As mentioned earlier, the app learns from users' click behavior. The NLP technology can understand what they are looking for. DooFinder also includes synonyms or spelling mistakes in the search. The app then suggests products that match the search terms and offers the best search results.

DooFinder prices

You can test the app for free for a period of 30 days. After that, there are three pricing models to choose from. 

DooFinder price comparison

DooFinder Roundup

  • Increase in sales possible
  • Conversion rate increase
  • Synonyms are recognized automatically
  • Typing errors are detected and tolerated
  • Search results are provided quickly


Searchanise screenshot

Searchanise is - like DooFinder - also a search solution for your Shopify store. With a simple code snippet you get the app integrated into your store.

Features and functions at Searchanise

The app's features include personalizations related to user activity, filters, error tolerances, analytics, and the ability to make adjustments as needed. The user interface is intuitive, so you can comfortably manage your product range.

Use search options and filters

There are various search options. Search terms are automatically completed, synonyms are used, suggestions are made, and redirects to matching products are created. This enables your customers to conduct a faster, more comprehensive search.

Filters such as color, size or overlay filters and user-defined product facets also help to find the items you are looking for even faster. Especially with large product catalogs or special setups with meta fields or additional information, the Searchanise search comes into its own perfectly.

You can cross-sell or up-sell your products. This means that you can also make sales with weaker products. Furthermore, an analysis of different areas is possible to get a better overview. Check the number of clicks for the products from your assortment or look at an overview of the costs to find optimization potential on this basis.

Searchanise prices

The 14-day trial version is free of charge. After that, you can choose the version that suits you best. For $16 per month, you get the basic version. The Essential version costs 33 US dollars per month, the Advanced version 49 US dollars, the Growth version 83 US dollars, the Pro version 149 US dollars and the Premium version 274 US dollars.

Searchanise prices

Searchanise Roundup

  • Fast and intelligent search
  • Custom filters usable
  • Search results are configurable
  • Merchandising tools for increasing sales

Boost AI Search for Shopify

Boost AI Search Screenshot

Your customers can also use the Boost AI Search app for Shopify to find the products they want faster. The results are displayed in milliseconds. The intelligent AI search delivers the most relevant results.

You can customize the filter options and menus on all search pages and in collections by adding more items. This increases both AOV and your conversion rate. This is made possible by visual merchandising and AI recommendations. A powerful AWS server is available to manage up to 1 million products.

What else can Boost AI Search do?

Your customers receive product suggestions in the search bar. It works with stop words and synonyms. There is an all-in-one product recommendation on every page. You can perform visual merchandising using hide, demo, boost and pin product strategies. Also available is a custom filter tree that allows filtering by metafield and tag. Extensive behavioral reports on your customers allow for insightful analytics.

Boost KI Search Prices

You can test this app for free for 14 days. After that, you pay $19 per month for the Regular 1 version, $29 per month for Regular 2, and $69 per month for the Plus version. There is also a free development mode version. It contains all features and functions and is aimed at affiliate or development stores, dormant stores, Shopify Free Trial Stores and partner test stores.

Boost KI Search Price Table

Boost AI Search Roundup

  • Very good customer service
  • Quick product search
  • Relevant search results
  • Various filter options

Our conclusion

The basic principle of DooFinder, Searchanise and Boost AI Search is quite similar. Depending on the use case, store size and budget, another of these tools may be right for you. DooFinder is the most expensive, but also the most comprehensive solution.

For startups and stores that don't want to spend a large monthly budget on a search app, we recommend Searchanise. With the app you can get a lot out of it for a reasonable price.

If you have any questions or are interested in a Shopify Search consultation, feel free to contact us anytime.