Automation made easy: Synesty for plentymarkets and Shopify

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Mark Stolzenberg
Automation made easy: Synesty for plentymarkets and Shopify

Synesty is a no code - low code tool for integration & automation. With it you connect interfaces and systems via drag & drop and automate digital processes.

Why Synesty?

With Synesty you can easily connect systems and perform complex data migrations and automations. And the best thing about it: All without programming knowledge!

Backend view of the Synesty app

Synesty with plentymarkets

plentymarkets is a powerful ERP system that specializes in omni-channel sales in e-commerce. At apoio, we advise on plentymarkets in areas such as system setup, system improvement, processes and data migration. But even here, it can quickly become complex to connect different systems. That's where Synesty comes in.

With Synesty you can easily connect your plentymarkets system to other tools and platforms without having to go deep into the code. This offers you the possibility to optimize and automate your processes without having to rely on developers.

This means more efficiency and fewer errors, as Synesty ensures secure data transfer between systems. But that is not all. With Synesty you can also create and customize individual tools that are specifically tailored to your needs. And all this with just a few clicks!

Diagram of plentymarkets Synetsy functions

Synesty with Shopify

For all Shopify users I also have good news. Synesty can be connected to Shopify without any problems. You can easily and securely exchange your data between Shopify and other systems to further automate and optimize your processes.

You want to redesign your store or connect external tools? With Synesty you can do that without having to call in a developer. You can easily import and export your store's data, update products and inventory and even create automatic reports. And all this without code!

Synesty also offers you the possibility to synchronize order and customer information between Shopify and other systems. This means that you are always up to date and can upgrade your customer experience quite a bit.

Diagram explaining how Synesty works with Shopify

Our conclusion

I hope you now have an idea of how Synesty can make your daily work in the e-commerce sector easier. Whether you use plentymarkets or Shopify, Synesty can help you to connect and manage your systems more efficiently.

At apoio, we pride ourselves on finding solutions that make our customers' everyday work easier and more efficient. And Synesty is definitely one of those solutions. It's a great tool that allows you to connect and optimize your systems without diving into the complexity of programming.

As a certified Synesty partner we are at your disposal for all questions and problems. Just contact us!