New: plentymarkets Shopify connection with public plentymarkets app

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New: plentymarkets Shopify connection with public plentymarkets app

Shopify plentymarkets connection - update

A new app has recently become available that makes it much easier for you to connect Shopify to plentymarkets. The new app replaces the Shopify plugin that was previously used to connect Shopify environments to plentymarkets systems. The new app is integrated into the core of plentymarkets, so it does not require a separate update and simplifies maintenance. Thanks to the use of current technologies, it is also noticeably faster and offers two comprehensive wizards for integration.

The app establishes a two-way data exchange and ensures the automatic transfer of item, inventory, and order data. While product information and availability are maintained centrally in plentymarkets and transferred to the Shopify store via the Rest API interface, orders flow back directly in the opposite direction.

The setup in Shopify is completed in just a few steps. After installation, only the access data to the plentymarkets environment must be entered. On the part of plentymarkets, a user-friendly wizard is offered to carry out the setup including individual setting options.

The plentymarkets app is available free of charge in the Shopify app store. Use requires an active Shopify and plentymarkets account.

Go to the app here

You can find the new plentymarkets Shopify app in the Shopify App Store. There you can easily install it in the store.

> To the plentymarkets app in the Shopify App Store

Connect Shopify and plentymarkets

The basic requirement is that you have both a Shopify store. If you don't have an active plentymarkets system yet, you can easily create one during the Shopify app setup and book a free trial period.


In Shopify, you just need to install and set up the app from the Shopify App Store. After you install the app, you will see the following screen:

Configure Shopify backend with arrow to admin API areas
The plentymarkets app in Shopify

Now you can either enter your access data (PlentyID, user + password) or click on "Book your free test system" at the bottom left.

After you have logged in, you can make your settings in the next step. Here it is mainly about these questions:

  • In which direction should the data be synchronized?
  • Shopify -> plentymarkets
  • plentymarkets -> Shopify
  • plentymarkets <-> Shopify (einige Kombinationen sind nicht möglich, da sich die technischen Prozesse sonst in die Quere kommen würden.)
  • Which data should be synchronized?
  • Prices & Inventory
  • Article
  • Categories
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Payments

Shopify plentymarkets App View 1
Standard interface of the plentymarkets app in Shopify
Shopify App View
Configure as desired.

Now you've also completed the setup in Shopify and you're ready to move on.


  1. Log in to your plentymarkets system
  2. Go to Setup -> Wizards -> Omni-Channel -> Shopify Configuration

Here you can now make further settings and fully configure the connection.

Attention: Some settings are already preselected. This is not a mistake, but was made when you installed the plentymarkets app in Shopify. You can now easily add more information and make settings.

plentymarkets Shopify Assistant
Assistant in plentymarkets

Instruction video

Here is an 8-minute video that takes you through the entire process. The video is in English.