Connect plentymarkets with the popular support tool Zendesk

Mark Stolzenberg
Connect plentymarkets with the popular support tool Zendesk

Customer relationships should always be based on trust and good communication. With our plentymarkets Connector, you save yourself and your customers time and nerves and thus strengthen your bond in the long term.

In another blog post, we already discussed the customer service options within a plentymarkets system. Here we currently have the plentymarkets ticket system and the plentymarkets messenger

Since plentymarkets is committed to being one of the strongest multichannel ERP systems for e-commerce, the functional scope of the support / CRM solution is not necessarily sufficient for many use cases. This is exactly where dedicated support tools like Zendesk come into play.

Zendesk is fully focused on customer support. An intuitive dashboard, super many features for handling support requests and much more await you.

View of the Zendesk app

Zendesk & plentymarkets

To give you the best of both worlds, we have developed a connector between Zendesk and plentymarkets. The connector is simply installed in your Zendesk account and connected to your plentymarkets system. You'll have instant access to these features, among others:

  • Show order details from plentymarkets directly in Zendesk
  • Linking Zendesk tickets with plentymarkets orders
  • Run plentymarkets actions in Zendesk
Diagram of the plentymarkets Zendesk app

The plentymarkets Connector offers all the functions you need for the daily processing of your support requests. See for yourself and start with a 21-day free trial. You can simply install the app in your system via the Zendesk Marketplace.

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