plentymarkets integrates new DHL REST API

Mark Stolzenberg
plentymarkets integrates new DHL REST API

You probably use the DHL connection in your plentymarkets system to create shipping labels, register orders and manage return labels. It has been known for some time that DHL will change the technology of this interface from the previously used technology (DHL SOAP interface) to the new REST API.

Important: The SOAP interface version 1 will be switched off as early as in the middle of 2024. plentymarkets uses version 3 of this interface, which is why you still have a little longer to make the switch.

Now switch from the old SOAP interface to the new REST API

In plentymarkets, you already have the option of simply switching to the new REST API. plentymarkets provides a migration manager to ensure that the changeover is simple and error-free.

Parallel to the changeover to the REST API, the configuration of the DHL interface within plentymarkets will also be transferred from the wizard to the plentymarkets setup menu. This will make your work easier and you will be able to find the menu items more quickly in your daily work.

Where can I find the settings?

The new menus can be found under Setup → Orders → Shipping → Service provider → DHL Shipping.

  • Basic settings
    • Entry of access data for the business customer portal, billing numbers and sender addresses
  • Shipping settings
    • Configuration of the basic settings for the shipping profile and region, as well as specific services
  • Migration of shipping settings
    • Switch between using REST or SOAP

What does that mean for me?

In the near future you will see a menu for DHL in the plentymarkets backend, which you can use to switch to the REST API but also back to the SOAP API.

The settings you have already made with the wizard are transferred to the menu tree when you use the "Migration menu".‍

Important: It is not possible to use REST and SOAP at the same time, for example by using different plugin sets.

Note: The data from the wizard is transferred, when switching from REST back to SOAP, the old data is restored, changes made in the menu tree are deleted again.

When do I have to change at the latest?

You can currently continue to work with the existing plugin. As mentioned above, DHL has discontinued the SOAP API and the first stage will come into force in mid-2024. A switch to REST is currently not absolutely necessary. plentymarkets has announced that it will also discontinue its SOAP implementation with a corresponding lead time. So, unless absolutely necessary, you should not wait too long to make the switch.

Can I test the change beforehand?

Absolutely - and this is even desired by plentymarkets! Since you currently still have a lot of lead time, we would recommend testing the switch in the short term and putting it through its paces. If everything works, great! If there are any problems, you can simply switch back to the old interface for the time being and wait a little longer before switching.

Further information

You can find more information about the changeover directly in the plentymarkets forum (login required) or from your plentymarkets support contact person.

Need help / support?

As a certified plentymarkets agency, we get an early insight into these functions and can test them extensively in advance. So if you need support in setting up plentymarkets or converting to the new DHL REST API, please get in touch with us via our contact form or by email at We look forward to hearing from you!

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