Process returns with plentymarkets - here's how!

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Process returns with plentymarkets - here's how!


plentymarkets is your e-commerce Swiss army knife. It's full of ingenious features that get your online business up and running - and that includes returns processing. plentymarkets positions itself as an omni-channel e-commerce ERP and offers foolproof connectivity to over 50 German and international marketplaces.

The great strength of plentymarkets? Flexibility! You can customize returns processes for different item categories, countries or customer groups. And with automatic status changes and event actions, you're in control. Set it up so that a refund is automatically triggered as soon as the return is set to "accepted" - how cool is that?

Possibilities of returns handling

plentymarkets offers you several ways to handle returns in your system. You only need to make a few settings to get started, which are well described in the plentymarkets manual. These include the return reasons, order status for returns processing, item status and the design of documents such as return bill or return label.

Once you've done that, you're ready to go and decide which path you want to take.

Returns via event actions‍

plentymarket's event actions allow you to automate in if-then mode. You define a trigger on the basis of which the action is executed. The action can then be, for example, an email to customers, a status change, or the synchronization of the order to your logistics partner .

Example workflow with event actions:

  1. A return request comes in via your Shopify store that is connected to plentymarkets.
  2. You create a return for the matching order in plentymarkets and set it to the status "Send return information to customer".
  3. An e-mail with all the information about the return will be sent to the customer.
  4. As soon as the return arrives at the warehouse, you set the status to "Return received", which then starts all further actions.

Returns via plentymarkets processes

You can also further automate returns processing and work with processes. Processes are fully automated workflows in plentymarkets and help you to automate complex processes in your plentymarkets system.

However, the processes have a very decisive USP: they can be connected to your devices and thus, for example, generate and even print order documents, shipping labels and more at the push of a button in the warehouse or in the office.

Example workflow with processes:

If the return from our example above arrives in the warehouse, an employee in the warehouse can access the order directly.

  1. The return bill is taken out of the package and scanned in the process mask
  2. Now an overview of the order opens where the person can enter the return reason, returned quantity and more
  3. After everything is done, the goods can be booked back at the push of a button and an info can be sent to the customer.

The apoio returns portal for plentymarkets

To make returns processing in plentymarkets even easier and more efficient, we have developed the apoio returns portal for plentymarkets developed. The returns portal integrates seamlessly into your store and customers can register their returns via an interactive interface.

The big advantage: ✅ Enormous time savings for you‍

You save on all communication, because customers call up the returns portal themselves, enter their order data and thus trigger all further processes in your plentymarkets system.

apoio returns portal sample view
👉 Click here for the returns portal demo

You can design the returns portal according to your own design ideas and adapt it perfectly to the CI of your brand. 

With individual event actions, the returns portal ensures that your individual processes and workflows can be perfectly mapped within plentymarkets. You decide what happens! Should customers receive a notification or be sent a DHL returns label directly? The variety here is almost limitless.


Returns processing is not a necessary evil, but an opportunity to optimize your business. With plentymarkets in combination with the returns portal, you have a powerful toolbox at hand that helps you put this process on autopilot and tailor it exactly to your needs.

Together with your own returns portal, you create the ideal basis for a smooth returns process that makes life easier not only for you, but also for your customers. Use plentymarkets the right way and returns will become a real competitive advantage for your business!