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Migration from plentymarkets to Shopify - Wunderbad

For Wunderbad, we were able to accompany a migration from plentymarkets' own webshop plentyShop to Shopify. The main focus here was to create a modern look and feel and to integrate best practice e-com features into the store.
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Display with the store
Image showing the store with a display
Image showing the store with a display
Image showing the store with a display

Project details

Project Completion:
November 2023


Wunderbad uses plentymarkets as its ERP system and had previously also relied on the store solution from plentymarkets: plentyShop. As the content maintenance and customization of the store became difficult and time-consuming over time, the decision was made to switch to Shopify. We were able to support Wunderbad in managing the migration from plentymShop to Shopify.


It quickly became clear that the Prestige theme would provide an ideal basis for the new store. We set up this theme, adapted it and enhanced it with a number of individual additional functions. Among other things, there is a delivery time display on the product detail page, a questions about the item widget and product ratings via the app. In addition, the connection to plentymarkets was created, an article, order and payment exchange was enabled and the URLs of the old store were forwarded to the new Shopify URL structure.


Shortly after the launch, the advantages of Shopify were able to unfold their full effect. It's super easy to change content using the Customizer, landing pages can be created quickly and the store's performance has also taken a significant leap forward. The result is a high-performance store that can be sustainably updated and remains stable even at high loads.

Questions about the article

Users can use a button on the product detail page to ask a question about the item they have just opened. As some Wunderbad products have a lot of features and functions, this widget is used a lot. The contact form automatically saves the article number in the background so that the Customer Care team can help extremely quickly.

Image of the store with focus on a specific feature
Image of the store with focus on a specific feature

Informative knowledge area

Content is regularly published in the blog section, providing information about the materials used, new products or the company's commitment to sustainability. A sticky Whatsapp button at the bottom of the screen connects you directly to the customer service team and allows you to quickly clarify any questions. The

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