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much too much

The focus here was on optimal preparation for a highly informed and affluent target group. With the help of the Impact theme, we were able to create a soft look and feel with the incorporation of all relevant product information and details.
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Display with the store
Image showing the store with a display
Image showing the store with a display
Image showing the store with a display

Project details

Project Completion:
September 2023


Much too much is all about high-quality jewelry that is refurbished and then given a second life. The entire focus of the store should be on the products. Detailed information, high-resolution close-ups and video embeds were a must.


It quickly became clear that we would use the Impact theme from Maestrooo to implement this Shopify store. It comes packed with smart, exciting functions and is easy to customize. With the help of some custom code interventions and external tools, we integrated features such as product videos, interactive 360° product animations and information tables.


The appealing store with its soft and pleasant colors invites users to browse and inform themselves. 360° animations can be operated with the mouse and the detailed tables have been supplemented with high-resolution product videos. Breadcrumbs on the product detail page allow users to easily navigate through the categories and sharpen the user experience. Thanks to Shopify OS 2.0 technology, the much too much team can easily maintain content and new products and operate the store themselves in the long term without having to rely on external help from developers.

Store + Content Sections

Individual content areas and extensive additional information ensure a high information density. Content pages for jewelry purchases, sustainability promises and extensive product information round off the overall picture of the Shopify store.

Image of the store with focus on a specific feature
Image of the store with focus on a specific feature

Infinite Collections

Selected category pages are structured in such a way that additional products can be loaded via a Show more button. This allows users to view the entire range very quickly and find the right product directly.

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