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UI / UX Design

Customized Shopify store for Nematek

To expand the online channels, we worked with the Nematek team to develop a customized Shopify store based on the Dawn theme.
Hand with smartphone on which the website can be seen
Display with the store
Image showing the store with a display
Image showing the store with a display
Image showing the store with a display

Project details

Project Completion:
March 2023


Nematek stands for insect protection - from magnetic curtains to telescopic doors and light well covers. Their mission is to keep insects and flies out of your everyday life. This mission now had to be translated into an appealing, well-structured Shopify store. The main focus here was on making the products, some of which require a lot of explanation, as easy to find as possible and implementing an understandable user journey.


In order to implement all the required functions such as breadcrumbs, a comprehensive product filter with pictograms and different product detail page templates, we opted for a completely clean Dawn theme. We then customized this theme from scratch and implemented it entirely according to the customer's wishes. We also implemented an appealing, SEO-strong blog and an insect protection glossary.


Our key takeaways in this project were clearly the SEO effects that can be achieved with a clean and well-planned implementation with a Shopify store. With the help of various SEO-optimized custom sections, the organic visibility of the Nematek Shopify store was increased by over 100% over time. A mega menu and clearly understandable features on the product detail page round off the overall experience of this store.

Clear visual language

With minimalist pictograms of the products, it is immediately clear which product is behind the respective image. Users can easily navigate to their desired item and the bounce rate is kept low.

Image of the store with focus on a specific feature
Image of the store with focus on a specific feature

Clear category pages

The clearly structured collection page comes with an introduction, an individual product filter that takes you straight to the right product and prominently placed product reviews from

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