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Custom Theme

Minimalist custom theme for waveprogress

Together with the clothing brand waveprogress, we were able to bring the brand's individual ideas and, above all, minimalism to life in a clean, high-performance store.
Hand with smartphone on which the website can be seen
Display with the store
Image showing the store with a display
Image showing the store with a display
Image showing the store with a display

Project details

Project Completion:
March 2023


waveprogress is a young brand from Hamburg that uses German design principles to reconnect with and preserve nature. The young team of 4 founders had a very clear idea of the look & feel they wanted their store to have for the current drop. They developed a complete design, which was then turned into a store experience with a custom theme in Shopify. As a Shopify agency, we were able to provide support.


We used the Dawn theme from Shopify as the basis for the implementation of this Shopify store. In order to perfectly integrate the desired design of waveprogress, we worked out the most important areas and animations in several sessions and developed a final concept. We were then able to carry out the technical implementation in a short space of time and make optimum use of all best practices in both the mobile and the somewhat more complex desktop version. For us as a Shopify agency, this was an extremely exciting project, as many areas in the design were conceived differently than is the case with most other stores.


The result is a modern, very minimalistic store that perfectly fits the brand as well as the current drop. The Shopify store stands out strongly from other fashion brands and ranks in the premium, high-fashion segment. A high pagespeed and the clear user guidance rounds off the shopping experience.

Focus on product broiler

The focus on the category page is strongly on the product photos. These are large and well staged - supplemented by the product title & price, the BIld is rounded off. Since the drops contain only a few products, the category page looks very tidy and clear.

Image of the store with focus on a specific feature
Image of the store with focus on a specific feature

Unique product detail page

Also on the product detail page, the focus is on the piece and the model wearing it. The product images are the central area on the page and float through the otherwise static page when scrolling from bottom to top. This gives users the opportunity to add the product to their shopping cart at any time and make their purchase decision.

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